~the best kind of revenge is loving someone who actually deserves it~

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Dear You,

Don’t be cold. Don’t fall for that “If nobody loves me, I won’t love them” mentality. I know you’ve been crushed a thousand fold. I know you have given away all of yourself just to be twisted, ripped apart, and rearranged into someone you don’t want to be. I know it is easier and less painful to retreat back into your shell and to put up a facade of carelessness and chills. Well, I’m writing you this letter to tell you this: Don’t.

Don’t hibernate your heart in hopes that at some point the stormy weather will pass, and then you’ll love again when the time is right. The time isn’t right. It will never be right. So love. Love everyone completely and without reason. Every chance you can, give away your warmth even if all you receive in return are the chills of cold-hearted broken lovers. Just because the past has been malicious, doesn’t mean the future will be. So treat the unknown with gentleness even after all the wars that have been thrown in your path.

Realize that you are stronger than most. Others get hurt and become afraid of pain, so they exchange their heart for a dispassionate stone thinking that they won’t ever be hurt again. But you, my dear, stare loneliness and suffering in the eye and still choose to act with adoration. You dance with the hurt because you know you’re not the one hurting others. You are better than everyone else in the world because you do not run from a possible heartbreak. You dive in head first and smile while you put your pieces together creating someone even better and stronger and, most importantly, more loving than before. The rocks all around you wish they remembered what passion felt like. You, darling, are who they want to be. They wish they were as fervent as you are. Carry yourself with grace, advertise your heart, and bring light to the darkness that surrounds the world. Hold hands with fear as you walk into yet another heart, and be prepared to become someone new. Whatever you do, darling, do not ever let the world make you cold. You are too extraordinary to be turned to stone; too much passion to contain.

Always be better; not with hate, but with love.



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