~the words nobody will actually tell you~

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Dear You,

Let me tell you something you undoubtedly don’t hear often enough: You are loved; you are beauty; you are enough. Do yourself a favor. Look in the mirror. Really look at yourself. Appreciate every little thing you see. The darkness around your eyes remind you of the hours you could have spent dreaming, but instead you were living. Your stress scars let you know that you will, under any circumstance, give your everything no matter what the cost. Look at your uneven smile, your flawed skin, your asymmetrical eyebrows, your unflattering hairline. How incredibly breathtaking it is to be unique; to be flawed. I am so in love with every detail about you. The way you snore a little too loud in your sleep; how you twitch when you dream; the way you bite your already short nails. Ah, how you waltz with your nightmares; how you sing to your worries; how you kiss your problems goodnight.

I dream of you all the time. You always look extravagant in your ripped sweat pants and uncombed hair. I could eat your under-cooked pasta and burnt garlic bread for dinner every night. When imagining Heaven, I picture you next to me, holding my hand a little too tight because you’re afraid of getting lost in big crowds. But look into my eyes, and you will fall into a kind of universe of you and me. I will make you feel nothing less than important. I will make you feel like the stars you’re made up of will never burn out, and if they do, I will set myself on fire just so the world can see you shine. Keep everything about you safe in my heart and no hurricane will ever drown you. Nothing will ever be able to touch your imperfections the way they touch me.

God, you are stunning. The way you cry to your teddy bear every night and smile at every stranger on the street during the day. How strong you must be to build people up with your own broken walls. For every stone launched your way, you take it and whatever has broken from yourself, and you build castles for those still in your debt. How I wish even half the population could have half the heart you do. Then, we would all know peaceful slumber and excess kindness.

You are something extraordinary; do you know that? You are so incredibly different from the world, yet the universe does not shun you. People might, but the universe glorifies you. The stars bow at your feet, the planets revolve around you, and the sun radiates your worth. While everyone else in the world will go back to dust, you will be ever present in the sky. The clouds have prepared beds for you; the angels have prepared songs. The Father has constellations spelling out your name so you’ll know your place. You’re a rather permanent soul; a beautifully permanent madness in a world of temporary ordinary objects. Your love is permanent even when it doesn’t show, but everyone is obsessed with temporary infatuation, empty promises, and materials that break. But you, darling, you are something exquisite. You aren’t a rose in a field of weeds; you are a garden in a desert, a forest in the sea. And the temporaries will make you feel like temporary is right, but you, my dear, you are what’s right in the world. And it’ll take all the mistakes in the world to prove to them that your mistakes were never mistakes at all. Just attempts at love and forevers. That’s what makes you special. And I hope you find someone who has a permanent madness as beautiful as yours so you can live a life of permanent love in spite of what temporary ordinaries think. Because, and I think this goes without saying, something temporary doesn’t last, but a love as permanent and dedicated as yours is a love that’ll last even after Heaven ends.

Look in the mirror one last time, and thank yourself for being you, because God knows I thank you everyday for blessing me with your existence.



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