~important people i only knew for a moment pt. 1~

Dear You, When I was back home taking courses at community college, I happened to meet this wonderful girl. I have not thought of her in years, but today her memory knocked on my door. I cannot believe I almost forgot her, so I want her to be immortal here in this letter. We had a math course together for one semester. Or maybe we had two semesters. I regret not exercising my memory. She was always sitting in the seat at the front of the class, and I sat behind her. Her hijab always matched her dress, and she wore minimal makeup. I always envied her looks. Every day, she was early to class. Or maybe she was always just a minute or two late… We were both top of the class; she was always a few points ahead of me. This is the crazy part. I had math classes my entire life. She did not. We were in pre-calculus, and she was getting the highest grades in the class. One day, it must have been during a summer course, we were at a coffee shop studying with another classmate (I cannot remember anything about her except that she was there). We started asking each other questions about who we are. It was evident that we all were fond of the deeper characteristics of who we are and what we believed. Funnily enough, we all had very different beliefs and opinions about life, but we all admired each other for our different beliefs. She began to tell her story of growing up in her Muslim community. It is very common for families to pull their girls out of school at a very young age to teach them to be housewives. So, she had not had any schooling for a least ten years, but here she was trying to break out of that life and become something amazing. She was taking science courses and would go on to take very advanced math courses as well. In order to do this, she had to teach herself basic courses to advanced courses all by herself to pass the GED in order to even take college courses. She was not a practicing Muslim but respected the religion and her parents enough to still dress and participate in religious activities. They were just empty to her, though. I remember her telling me that she tried to believe and pray to God, but she never felt His presence. It was when she stopped praying that she started being happy and made a life for herself. I said I am sorry that she had an empty experience with God growing up, and I am very happy for her that she has been able to find salvation in herself. She asked me my perspective, and I shared that I fall a part when I rely on myself, and that I owe all my success to God. All my highs happen only after I pray. We were both in awe in how different our spiritual experiences are. I think we both found that beautiful. After those one or two semesters passed, we both took calculus but with different professors. We actually had the class at the same time, but right next to each other. So we still kept in touch throughout that semester, but we could not study together since our professors taught differently and at different paces. We would text each other every so often to check on each other and send good vibes. I remember her father being incredibly sick and eventually passing away. Although she disagreed with him on a lot of things, she cared so deeply for him and was faithful. After that semester, I moved away to finish my last two years of college at a university. She had texted me once or twice to check-in over the summer, and I returned that favor. t has probably been three years since she has crossed my mind. I mean, every once in a while I would bring her up in conversation about her story, but I never really remembered her. I never said her name or thought of her face. I only dropped a sentence about “a girl in my math class that taught herself everything to get into college because her parents pulled her out of school really young for religious reasons. Talk about an incredible story.” That was always it. Although we only knew each other for less than a year, and have not spoken in years, she still had a significant impact on me. When I feel like I cannot do something or do not live in the right circumstances to have success, her memory reminds me that success is earned. To be great, we have to start learning the basics. This does not mean that since I do not have the foundation to be what I want to be right now, I will never have that foundation. It means today - at age 5, 16, 25, or 67 - I will begin to lay the foundation so that in a few years we will be at the top of our field. There are so many wonderful and meaningful people I have been privileged to meet even if it was only for a few semesters. I never want to forget them, so here I am trying to make one of the many incredible people I know immortal. When you meet people who share their stories and are instantly inspired or in awe of them, I hope you write it down that same day. Even if they are not true, please make their story immortal. They deserve it. From, Me

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