~life is like a box of unknowns~

Dear You,

Things don’t have to be going perfectly for you to be in the right place. Sometimes, your path is meant to be this really rocky mountain that aren’t prepared for. Sometimes, you look in front of you and see a wall. Then you look up, and see a challenge. Behind you is a beautiful scenery, and below you is an escape. Never escape. Conquer. You have made it this far up, you might as well keep going. If a rock slips beneath your feet and leaves you hanging by a finger, you’ll realize that you have no option but to gain the strength you need to keep climbing.

Even when we are in the middle of the ocean and we see a fin circling around us, sometimes, that’s where we are supposed to be. We stay still and keep afloat while we stare our fears in the face. We surrender ourselves to the universe because we are all creatures made of stardust, and the universe will not work against itself. The shark - whatever it may be (a job interview, a presentation, a graduation, a breakup, etc.) - will leave in due time. Our job is to keep our mind at peace. The interview will be fine. Just stay calm and make friends with the interviewee. Ask them how their day is, and get to know them. Interviews are just professional coffee dates. The worst that can happen is you don’t get a call. Life goes on, and you find another coffee date. The presentation will go smoothly, or it won’t. But it will go. You will stand there, say some words, smile, maybe say a joke, and then you’ll be done. It’s over. You conquered your stage fright. I’m so proud of you. Graduation is one day. It will come and pass. You will finish your classes leading up to it with As and Bs. You’ll sit there, walk ten feet to get a piece of paper and shake a couple hands, then you’ll sit back down. Then, everyone will approach you saying how proud they are of you that you accomplished something a lot of people haven’t. It’s going to be great. So he broke up with you. He wasn’t anything more than a cheap scratch and sniff sticker that lost its scent anyway. You’re going to look in the mirror and see that all the compliments he told you are still true even if he isn’t there to tell it to you. You still have a smile that could heal wounds. Let it heal your own. You still have the bod of a real life victoria’s secret angel. Strut for yourself. You still have a kindness that could give peace to the world. Give yourself peace of mind. If no one else is there to tell you how worthy you are of love, be that person for yourself. Be that person who loves the mirror. Be that person.

Life isn’t going to feel perfect. That’s all I can guarantee. However, amidst total destruction of all we thought we were going to be is a prime opportunity to show the world that an imperfect, miserable life is still a happy one. It’s an opportunity to find a different career, conquer fears, create a new life, and create a new self. It’s an opportunity to stay calm amidst the chaos. If we are too anxious to fix what’s wrong, we might miss the beauty of it all. We have to see the beauty in the ugly in order to appreciate the convenience of the pretty.

Things don’t have to be going perfectly for you to be in the right place. Just realize that this moment is the exact moment you’re supposed to be in, and the universe will reward you.



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