~lost in someday~

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Dear You, Someday, our life will be our vision of perfection. I cannot tell you the hour or the year, but we will live it. Someday, we will have a property with too many acres to count with a house with plenty of space for our cat and dog. They are going to love each other to pieces. We will look out the windows and see where the grass kisses the sun every morning and night. The rays of the sun will caress my arm until I wake next to my knight in shining pajamas. After leaving a kiss on his cheek, my cinderella slippers will lead me to the kitchen where I’m greeted by our furry fellas and their empty bowls. While they devour their gourmet breakfast from the store, I will speak to the Sun and listen to what He has to say. All of His creation will be presented before me as I sit on the porch sipping my morning tea and sing hymns with the birds. The horses will be well nourished and be our vehicles for sight seeing in our own back yard. The chicken coup will be a lively mess and a great source for a fresh breakfast. I will make a quick visit to the vegetable garden and pick a fruit from a tree on my way back inside. It is a cozy table we have for meals, but that is exactly how I like it. My love and I will laugh and smile over eggs and bagels, and we will be dramatic in our goodbyes as you leave for your daily journey. How lovely would it be to have a sunflower garden where I write the words in which the earth speaks or paint a memory of God’s holy creation! Where that is my only job, and it pays for our vacations! Oh, how I long for these days where my love comes home to a beautifully and simply clean home decorated with warm love and acceptance. We can watch a movie, read a book, or compete with cards. A hot dinner sits on the table as we bow our heads and lock our hands. I want to know everything you encountered on your odyssey, and I will tell you all I have done. It will be beautiful. Would it be exciting to make it to church every Sunday! No scheduling conflicts because I work from home and you only need to work a few days a week. We would actually have the time to sit in awe of the Lord even outside the congregation. In an encyclopedia, I am sure this scene is found immediately after the word “peaceful.” As for the sunset, we will admire from the edge of our last acre on our horses. We will race back to our home and our sanctuary where we will give thanks one last time before drifting sweetly into a peaceful darkness for hours without interruption. Our minds will have no entertainment throughout the night for we will have a life far greater than any fantasy or fiction could ever design. Whether someday is in this life or after, I do not know. Someday will come, and it will be glorious. From, Me

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