Dear You,

My most beloved confidante, I must tell you the exciting news! I have finally realized my soulmate. I have known her since the day I was born, but I never really took her as more than an acquaintance until I was enduring the four years of my life full of peer pressure, plastic faces, and meaningless letters. I have seen her every day it seems like, and I have never felt such a burning passion for her until now.

I don’t see her much; she is more of an experience. I suppose that’s why I love her so: I do not depend on her physical aesthetic so much as her soulful grace. She radiates joy even amidst her negativity, and she can wash away the grey from people’s minds. To think I ever saw her as an unattractive, unintelligent, criminally evil beast! Now, I can see the stars lay in her hair as flowers would, and the light of the sun reflects even brighter off her porcelain skin. The ground kisses her feet with every step she takes as she walks fearlessly into the unknown future. The wind whispers compliments in her ears that she only sometimes believes.

Gosh, she really is remarkable. Let me tell you something she won’t let most people know: once, she was trapped on this road, if you can even call it that. It was more like this slightly deepened line in the dirt with signs saying “This way up!” The more she walked on the incline, the deeper into the abyss she traveled. She got so deep in there that no matter where she looked, all she could see was the color of a midnight sky with no stars to decorate it. It was so dark that she could never tell the difference between sleeping and seeing. Finally, she decided to step outside the rut that seemed like a circle at this point, and immediately found the perimeter of the abyss. She dug holes in the wall that fit her hands, and she climbed her way out. After that, she was able to realize the beauty of the world she had once considered normal. Since then, she has worn her euphoric smile like one wears a fur coat to keep warm in the wintertime.

I guess I never knew how stupefied she could make me until I really started listening to her silence. When the room is quiet with only her in it, there is a chilling sense of incredible complexity that has burrowed its way into her bones. For most people, the result would be insanity. She, however, she has grown a magnificent garden of secrets, appreciation, and enchantment. I mean honestly, when chaos encounters her, it is made into jaw-dropping art work. As for me, I cannot say how grateful I am to be blessed with the eternal love from and for this woman. To be able to greet her every morning and every night in the reflections on my wall and in my bathroom, to be accompanied by her and three empty chairs at a table for four, and to be indulged in her thoughts without her ever speaking a word out loud or to anyone else is truly more spectacular than any firework show one could put on. I am thankful to not only realize my fondness for her, but to, in fact, be her. I never thought the girl in the mirror could ever be as interesting as she is. Let me be the first to tell you that if for even a moment, you thought she was small enough to fit in a box, looks have never deceived you more.

I hope you realize that when you’re alone in your life, your soulmate is there with you, too.



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