~that fuzzy feeling inside pt.1~

Dear You,

I was thinking about you and how much I adore your presence. Then, my mind started to think of all the other things I have fallen in love with.

The warmth of a fireplace when it’s flurrying outside

Looking at the stranger in the car next to you to find them smiling at a memory they’re obviously fond of

The excitement when you play a song on the piano perfectly for the first time

Dancing along to throwbacks in a diner’s parking lot at 11:53 pm

Turning in the final draft of an essay you stayed up all night writing

Laughing so hard your body forgets how to stand

The moment you realize how important to you someone has become

Checking off something on your to-do list

freshly vacuumed floors

Warm coffee in the morning

That first sip of water in the morning that you can feel trickle all the way down to your stomach

When someone has stars in their eyes while they talk about a topic their passionate about

The chills you get after listening to a song for the first time

The calm silence that comes after you’ve cried for hours and you realize you might actually be okay

Watching your favorite movie while eating cookie dough after a hard day

Hugs that feel more meaningful than most kisses

Fuzzy socks!!!

Shaved legs and clean sheets

That one coffee shop

When someone gets excited about the weird stuff you’re excited about

When a stranger genuinely smiles back

Those strangers that feel like friends for ten minutes before you both will only have that memory of each other forever

Waking up early enough to watch the sunrise

Bonding with strangers over flaws

When the cat does that thing where he boops his face into yours to show he loves you

Finding the outfit

When someone says your hands are freezing and then they try to warm them up

When you say a risky joke and someone responds with an even riskier response

The peacefulness of the morning after it snows

When my friends are successful

Hearing someone sing for the first time (and they’re actually amazing)

When someone shares their crazy idea about life and its meaning

When a toddler falls asleep hugging you

Making it to the waterfall

Diving into the pool for the first time since last summer

Walking out of an incredible movie

When someone pronounces it thee-aye-ter

The satisfaction of making someone who doesn’t like you genuinely smile

Handwriting letters

The peaceful ambience of fishing in a river

Laying down in the middle of a quiet street at 2 am

Writing five poems in two hours after having not written for two months

When a stranger compliments your outfit

When the sky looks like a painting

When your makeup looks perfect the first time

Taking off your makeup after a long day

Bubble baths!

A tuned guitar

That part of that one song that hits that one chord that makes you remember why you love music in the first place

Finding a new favorite artist

Wrapping up in that one blanket you love

And so much more…

Of all the things in this list I adore, my favorite is you.



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