~that fuzzy feeling inside pt. 2~

Dear You,

I was once again in a daze about my love, and my heart began to overflow. I started to dream about all the little things about this world and you that have stolen my heart:

Cozy sweaters

Waking up next to a masterpiece

Your hugs that make me feel safe from the wars of life

Movie nights almost every night

Baking cookies at 10 pm

Antique stores

Game nights

Walking into my furnace of an apartment after being in the freezing cold

When you pray with me

Swedish meatballs

Sharing the pain with you

Feeling understood and listened to

Falling asleep to your heartbeat

The feeling that everything is in God’s hands and we just have to sit back and enjoy the ride

Heavy blankets

Dancing in the kitchen while making breakfast

Singing to no music

Feeling supported even on lazy days

A two-way love

All the cheesy jokes and puns

Seeing my life stand in front of me with a warm smile on his face

Watching the trees change color

Driving around with no destination in mind

Hiking in the morning

Writing while you play video games next to me

Watching our TV series together

When we both have the same day off

The river in your eyes

The laugh lines engraved on your perfect face

Ping Pong tournaments

Laughing after we have said goodnight

Knowing that the first five minutes I get to spend with you after a long day always makes my day infinitely better

Someone who knows how to calm the storm in my mind

The forehead kisses, hand kisses, cheek kisses, etc.

The good morning texts at 1pm after we spent all morning with each other

You have slowly become everything I find beautiful in this world, and how grateful am I that I get to spend every day with you.



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