~time heals all~

Dear You, It’s hard to see sunlight through the tinted windows of our shelter. However, I urge you to stay put for the world outside is transforming into a chaotic ghost town. The silhouettes of those exposing their temples to this plague roam around the streets and empty stores, each step leading them closer and closer to their casket. Our new crops will be grown out of the ashes of those denied an epitaph reminding us for years to come of the damage caused by our negligence. Alas! Let us worship the rebirth of our very own Mother Nature! The skies are no longer coughing, the waters are no longer muddied, and the animals are roaming in the sunlight. Father Universe is sending us a warning sign to protect us from our own annihilation. Let us permanently change our habits to welcome creation and allow it to live freely. Preserve the trees, the seas, and the mountains. O, brave old world that we have missed so much! I have forgotten how it feels to breathe in the stardust of you, to swim in the rivers filled with company, and to devour the green leaves not coated in chemicals. My body thanks thee for reminding her the joys of simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! Let us not carry greed in our woven bags filled with a weeks worth of energy. Let us share and put more in each other’s baskets rather than our own. It is not impossible to feed five thousand with just a few fish and some loaves. We must all take a little, and give more. What a peaceful world we could be a part of if only we cared about each other and not our own fears. I have locked the doors and opened my books. I pick up my wand and create more than I have in many moons. How I have missed the starlight on my paper guiding my pen to write what the galaxies wish. The words sparkle until my eyes are blinded for the night. To hear life outside and not shy away deeper into the covers, to hear life outside and jump up singing along! How great thou art, how truly great thou art. I long for these times of solitude so I can fall back in love with life instead of racing through it never spending time to thank the moon and the sun for existing even when I do not pay them their compliments. Never again will I let the sunlight go unappreciated and the moon not talked to. Forgive me, my planet, to whom I belong. Forgive me for destroying your life, and using you for myself only. Forgive me for my ungratefulness, for my carelessness, and for my carbon footprint. I shall live to restore you, so that one day I may become you. I am sorry for the lives that perish for us to realize our own mistakes. How many lives shall cease premature before we rejoice all creation? It is in these times I pray for a seed of hope to be planted in all, that we may nourish and help her grow. For she will restore all kindness, all leaves, and all life. From, Me

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