~what would happen if i just let it go?~

Dear You,

In a world where resentment is fashionable and a hard edge is a dazzling accessory, I beg of you to forgive. Do not let yourself be contaminated by the disease carried by grudges. Sometimes it feels easier to let your actions be painted fire red or ivy green, however these colors are malicious to your soul. At first they are just an accent color, but they are made impurely and morph into a cancerous fungus that will devour your happiness.

I cannot emphasize enough how sacred your kindness is. Kindness is the root of happiness. It nourishes your soul while sparking joy in others, but resentment is a hungry wolf that preys on kindness. There is no one in this world that is mighty enough to steal kindness away from you. No person is worthy. If he or she cannot apologize or feels no guilt, it is because he or she has forgiven oneself before he or she has given you the chance to. That person’s world is still rotating as it should, so do not let yours stop its life so that you can suffer from your own lack of forgiveness.

The source of your anger is a weight that gets heavier every single day, and until you can let go of that concrete block you are a thief to your own happiness. You deserve lasting joy.

So again, I beg of you. Forgive again and again until you can search the corners of your heart mind and soul and find nothing but kindness. Release the weight because although you are angry at others, they have moved on. An apology from these evildoers will not be the closure you need. Look in the mirror and forgive your reflection, forgive strangers, forgive ghosts, and forgive actions. Forgive, forgive, forgive!

For every sin someone has committed against you, say this prayer:

Father, I pray for the people who have done me wrong. I pray they realize their faults and better themselves. Release this anger from my soul and fill the void with Your Spirit. Amen.

Say it with purpose and intent, and you can physically feel the hands of the universe grab the seed of resentment and take it away. This feeling is most prominent when said about one’s self.

Every single day we should be handing out forgiveness the way we hand out foil-wrapped sugar on Halloween. For if we keep forgiveness to ourselves, then we feed the monster in us named Malice. To you I say let him die! Let him starve to death. He is a descendent of Lucifer and does not deserve to live in you.

No one owes you anything, not even an apology. Forgive anyway.



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